Thing to do in Denia

Post dedicated to my friend Lucie, who is visiting my hometown just when I am not there ;*

 -Spend a morning (or a day) in La Cova Tallà. You will need good shoes to walk and good shoes to enter to the see (there is no sand). Perfect to do Snorkel. Here how to arrive.

-Go to the castle. Sometimes at the evennings there is like music. Check the website of the castle.  And walk throw the old neigborhood.

-Have tapas at Calle Loreto. I like "Diego Bar" and "De Pepo".   For a more formal dinner go to Les Monges. If you want a Paella (at midday) go to Casa Federico.  You  have to try this tapas "pop sec", "sang amb ceba", eriçons, gamba roja, pilota de putxero, tigres....

One of my favourite beach is El trampoli. Is nice to do snorkel and you can arrive by bike, it's not far from Denia, like 5km. If you want to sand I like also Les Deveses.

One morning, go to have breakfast to La Xara, al Hotel LLacer: The speciality is Coques: all are really good and this is the best place from the Marina to try them.  We eat them for breakfast, for lunch... they are so good (I could say this is one of my favourite dish from La Marina).  It's nice to arrive by bike and to have the reward after the ride.

 -Denia is known for the Windsurf.
 Is at the end of the Marines, at the Deveses beach. If you don't want to do windsurf, that beach is really wonderfull. Go one evening and have a drink at the chiringuito Los Baños, while looking the sea.

-Mondays there is Mercadillo and Fridays there is Rastro (Antiques). Always at Torrequemada.  Very cheap out clothes outlets. Go very early in the morning, it's so hot after 10.30 !!

-Friday there is also fresh market at the center, close to the real market. Really cheap but very good vegetables and fruit.

-Don't forget to drink everyday horxata, or to try a "Blanco y Negro de turrón" (ice coffe with ice cream!).

-Go to the end of the Port and return by boat taking La Panseta (a free boat).

-Faro de San Antonio has nice views of Denia and Xabia. Go to the sunset.

-If you are tired of Denia 'beaches, you can go to Xabia, to la Cala Granadella. Again with rocks, bring good shoes.

Want to visit more around La Marina? I would go to La Marjal de Pego  at the evenning (rice fields),  to Altea (beautiful mediterranean village).

I am not a pub girl, but if you want to go for some drinks at night, I normally go to Carrer la mar, where there are a lot of bars there. If you "Sensa" is a really cool- expensive bar close to the sea. The chiringuitos of the beach are open at night and it's also a good option and more relaxed.

Some general recomendations: Denia is so hot during the day! In summer we normally spend mornings /afternoons at the beach/sea/swimming pool and we have a break to do a siesta at home in the hotest hours.  Afternoons has a nice temperature after 20h, so that time is when people starts to get ready to go for a walk and to have dinner.

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