About my 2015 list

I made that 2015 list and then I stopped blogging, don't know what yet. One year later, did I follow  my 2015 list? an update : 

-find a job in interiorism /architecture   I didn't. I searched during 8 months and then I found a job as a office manager inwhich I will have to do the interior design of the office. Not bad. 
-eat more fruit and gain some kilos. I should work more on this. Not on gaining kilos, but on eating fresh fruit. 
 -spend a weekend in Paris and visit my friend Laurie  Still on my to-do list. 
- spend time outside every day  Kind of. Minimum one hour per day while I am cycling.
-learn french  Still on my to-do list. 
- spend  three weeks in a farm (thinking on Belgium or France) That's a long story: I applied and was acepted for a farm in Sweden, but then after writing to my Sweden friend about this she told me that I should go some weeks to Herrang, a swing dance camp, where I could volunteer there. I did this instead. I volunter in this camp for one month, where I had a really nice experience and as I had already found a job before I left I had to return and cancell the farm part for another year. 
-start drawing again Trying hard!
- continue to focus on quality - not quantity - I could apply this to everything ...in the photos I take, food I buy and clothes.  Yes, I do. Also focusing in borrowing and not buying. There a lot of things you don't need to really buy. 
 -continue with the minimalist  Yes I do!
-cotinue to declutter my wardrove  Yes! Everyday with less clothes on my closet. 
-continue to reading before bed Not too much. 
-continue with the ioga  I left it. I would like to restart. I had a really good teacher and then one day they left the school and I didn't like the new teacher. 
-continue with the swing Yes i do !
-continue to use less public transport and more bike. I did. I cycle every where and I only take the metro for weekends when I'm not alone. I'm so happy that I 'm saving so much in transport!!


  1. Quina sorpresa veure que continues amb el blog!!! Molt bona llista de proposits. Entenc perfectament lo de la profe de ioga. A mi em va passar el mateix peró amb la profe d´euskera!
    Penso visitar-te sovint :)

  2. Alicia! Doncs he tornat! El segueixo més com a diari personal, afegint coses que m'agraden. Després em fará gracia tornar enrere i poder llegir-ho.. Vec que tu no has parat el blog! Quina persistencia!! jeje
    Ens veiem!! petonets!!


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