New beauty routine: introducing coconut oil

After reading a lot about how to simplify my routine, how to save (even if I am not the kind of girl who buy a lot of cosmetics) and go quality over quantity and focusing in natural recipes, I am going to introduce the coconut oil into my beauty routine.  This is the new strategy I want to start:

I am currently washing my hair every other day and using very few shampoo. I want to stop using shampoo and rise the time between I wash my hair.

Start to clean my skin with honey.
Start to use coconut oil as a makeup cleaner. Reduce the tonic /makeup cleanser.
Try E oil ? Coconut oil already have a lot of vitamine E, so first I will try just with coconut oil.
Create some scrub with brown sugar and coconut oil to exfoliate my body.
Create some natural deodorant like this one made of coconut oil and baking soda.

Start with coconut oil pulling (improve mouth health).

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