Cool tote bags!

Hey friends!!

So today I'm gonna explain better the project: the project it's called Tote Tribe... and the opening was less than 12hours ago ! So still excited !!

(this is me, wearing some of the designs!)

Have I told you anytime that I love tote bags?? Yes ! Canvas cotton tote bags !!  So I love them. But I never could find cool tote bags with super designs and organic and Fair Trade cotton, with an history and an artist behind of the design.... so this is about it:

So this is about a place where you can find tote bags with really nice designs from differents artist . Of course you'll know who is behind of the design! The cotton, also, is organic and Fair Trade, and the tote bag has the right dimension to be enough useful for the shopping but also for the beach or for going out at summer.

We launched the website only this morning, so I'm still very happy to heard your feedback from you. ¿Which is your favourite? There're 8 different designs !

By the way, if you want to help me, every help is more than welcomed at this point, here you have the different social chanels we're using: 

Thanks a lot !! 

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