Guga gracienc

One of the last afertnoons with Guga, and one of the last afternoons of Guga in Barcelona. After 5 years living in Barcelona, he left us to come back to Brasil.

As he lived for a long time in the heard of Gracia, I asked him to prepare a promenade through the quarter of Gracia before he leave Barcelona. Now I've done a map with the route we made to remember forever .  You can download here.

* That's a very personal route throught Gracia from a person who lived there for many years, so don't expect to find all the turistic places if you follow it  !!


  1. A lively walk with good friends through my favorite neighborhood in Barcelona. Very nice map and pics, Xell!

  2. Molt bé! Bonica Gràcia pel fantàstic Guga. Molts petons.



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