Beyond Barcelona: Baix Empordá

Some days I spent with my friend Berta at Baix Empordá (Girona). Those pictures are from the castle of Torroella del Montgri. Stunning views ! If you're going to Baix Empordá, this excursion is a must !

// Uns dies que vaig passar amb la meva amiga Berta a Fontanilles( Girona): Aquestes fotos son de la pujada al castell de Torroella del Montgri. Quines vistes i quin vent des d'allà dalt! Si passeu pel Baix Empordá, el castell es visita obligada.  L'excursió sencera deuen ser unes 2 hores . 
Anavem amb dos fidels acompanyants en Tin i la Rufa. 


  1. Oh wow! A lot has happened since I last had a chance to read your blog!

    It must have been amazing to take a cruise on that yacht, what a lovely friend you have. And Sant Pol looks like a beautiful and interesting place; I have to keep it in mind for our future trips!

    Those sandals you bought look so comfortable! I have the same problem with wearing sandals; it takes forever for my feet to get used to them. I hope I will find the perfect ones some day.

    And what about these two little doggies! Adorable!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! :)

  2. ei gracies per pasarte !! si tb soc de barcelona !! quina pena jo acavod e baixar ara del baix emporda!!

    petonets !!


  3. Nice views! This sceneries are familiar to me, I miss the castle: the background of my hometown and the beauty of this place. Baix Empordà.


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