Some months ago I discovered the beautiful blog Reading my tea leaves where Erin, the blogger,sometimes writes some tips about  Leaving in a tiny apartment (it is only one of the several sections the blog has) since she and his fiancé are living in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  Seeing the stories and interviews some TV channel made to them, made me think in the tiny apartment I lived  for very few days when I went to Paris.  The structure of both apartment are really similar, with a loft with low ceilings for the bedroom, and the kitchen/living room in the low space.

In this case the building had been a government building before they renovated it and converted into dwellings for state workers. The apartment looked  a lot more bigger thanks to the huge window it has and the double space.  In the first floor was the kitchen/living space, the closet and the bathroom. It the loft, a bed and some storage space more.  It was really small, but I wouldn't mind at all living in this cozy apartment in the center of Paris, don't you?

One think I realized is how difficult is to photograph it. Even if the apartments are tiny is really difficult to show all it with just one shoot.

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