Some more pictures from my hometown. One day I might do a little guide of what to do there... is really worth !

After spending some days in Sant Pol de mar, I'm back.  I love spending time there when the weather allows you to go to the beach: my grandmother has a house there 10 meters to the beach, so my summer holidays  when I was a child was ever there. I will show you pictures about it in the next days!

Some things I liked this week :
- I can't stop listening this song  You can't say No forever from the group  Lacrosse every morning. And also this song Life's a happy song from Mickey Rooney,Feist, Amy Adams, Jason Segel and Walker.
- All the summer dresses my mother found in market.  This I'm wearing was bought by her, and also this other I showed the other day.

Which are the songs that will make you think in that summer?

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