Calçotada al Montseny

Last weekend we made a Calçotada. A Calçotada is like a barbecue but mainly with calçots that this is a catalan kind of onions. We use to eat them with Romesco, a sauce with almonds and tomato. This time we went to Can Canal, a restaurant with a picnic area in the Motnseny: there you will have all you need to prepare a proper barbacue. We were lucky to have a sunny day, the forecast was rain for all week!
1- Berta, Marta and Bettina
2- Calçots!
3-  Preparing the calçots.
4- Masumi
5- Marta and me.

Pictures were taken by Masumi and Bernat.

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  1. What a place to have a barbecue, absolutely wonderful! :)


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