I didn't expect to make big friends in my Erasmus in Italy, it's difficult to keep the friendship of someone who is kilometers far away of you. In fact, distance is not important, and even less now with all the advantage of Internet and social networks.

It is surprising how the time doesn't affect to some friendships! Last december I spent some days in Paris,where I met my friends Lucie and Laurie. I haven't seen them since they came to Barcelona in May-June. Thats time in Paris, even if Laurie was very busy with her internship he could host us in her cozy apartment in the center of the city. Whilst Lucie and me, wandered Paris with that north cold wind !

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  1. Hooola Guapa!
    Bon any que no m´havia passat!
    Vas passar un dies a París..fred? jo fa dos anys vaig passar el cap d´any allà i casi em moro.


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