The first travel I did alone when I arrived in Lincoln, was to York. At the beggining I was a little nervous about how will go all. It just a travel for pleasure, I really didn't need it ,so why I've to travell alone if I won't be feeling confortable? But I didn't really know how will be, and now I'm happy to did it. I spend fantastic days in York, where I met amazing people. The city is pretty beautiful, it is worth . Walking on the walls you have great views of all the oldtown. The other day I posted some photos from the travel by train, and today you've that from my visit.

Have a nice week!


  1. boniques fotos, un ambient prou gris no? La catedral molt bonica, ha ixit una bona foto

  2. Si, va estar plovent tots els dies menys l'últim matí...

  3. hola meritxell!! me gustan mucho tus fotos de inglaterra, tienen una luz muy bonita. ya has vuelto? con un inglés perfecto imagino...
    sí, ahora vivo en el poble nou, cerca del metro llacuna, y me gusta muchísimo. estaba muy saturada del centro últimamente.
    haré aula al final, con linares. y tú? la verdad que tengo la uni bastante olvidada...uff!

  4. Hermosas fotos! me encantan:)


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