The old brickyard II

The same day of the other post, but this time with the photos that I took with the film camera.
I don't know what happen in the last photo, maybe some light entered into the camera.
Today I'll have a busy day:
- In the morning I have to go to the market .
- I have to finish my work to show it to my teacher in the afternoon.
- I need go to the school, and to the library to return some books.
- When I arrive home my living room will be crowned for people that is waiting for the cineforum.
- At 22,00 I've to go to the station to pick up my friend Lucie.

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  1. what a bussy day. I have to finish some works too, I' m very stressed. Great shots, I like them ;) Have fun with Lucie,
    Best Regards!


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