Poble Sec

The other day I talked about Poble Nou. Today I will talk about Poble Sec. Here in Barcelona, there're so many quarters called Poble, because Barcelona it is formed for a lot of small village (village= poble). This is in the other part of the city, near to Montjuich mountain and to the sea.

I liked a lot Poble Sec, in fact I quite like out there, away from the crowd of Gracia (the other cool zone for going out). And I think that soon will become one of the trendiest neighborhoods to live because my opinion it has all: very good connections to the center, close to the sea and mountains. Cultural and artistic variety (you know that Joan Manuel Serrat, Jaume Sisa, among other artists, have grown in Poble Sec?). In addition it also has the typical narrow streets that will turn into pedestrian streets, beautiful modernist buildings where young people will start to arrive, and many brick factories that will be reform to convert into cool restaurants and shops. I'm sure the Ferran Adria team has already provided all this and has stepped forward with his new tapas bar in the neighborhood.

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  1. el Poble Sec em recosra a quan em vaig treure el carnet de conduir... el profe em portava per aquests carrerons. (jo sóc més de Gracia!)


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