In my home town we usually meet to have a lunch in the country. Specially in Easter, when the cherry trees are starting to take off them fruits. Good time, good food, and good company. I hope that this Easter we will repeat.

I wish you all have a fun happy sunday!


  1. I would like to be there this year, but I think it's gonna be impossible... I keep some sweet memories about this times, I like the pics. BR

  2. Si?? Segura? I si ho fem un diumenge?
    Per cert, baixaré el 19 !

  3. Pero si diumenge treballe! És impossible, només lliure dissabte, i hauria d'anar i vindre el mateix dia, aixi que... Si vols pots venir a valencia el 20 (final copa del rei al mestalla :D)


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