Quilombo da Caixa Fazenda-Picinguaba

Untitled by Xelleta
Untitled, a photo by Xelleta on Flickr.

The "Quilombo da Fazenda" is a coastal community near Ubatuba (Sao Paulo).The Quilombolas are the descendants of African slaves that arrived to Brazil by the Portuguese conquest. Luckily I had the opportunity to spend some time with them two years ago. I was working in a cooperation and sustainable work with two friends and with the ONG Curadores da Terra. Now they are in the Ashoka/FundacciónRockefeller competition with the slogan Zero Waste, Sustainable Architecture, Renewable Energy, to fight against trash and poverty. You can find more information about them here. If you want to help them you can vote here.


  1. I guess that they are about Brazil. I like the way you "play" with light and colours (black and white in dogs i the first one).

  2. Si que es Brasil, del segón estiu. Llàstima que amb el fons blanc no es vegui gaire el gos. Estava molt guai.

  3. Si s'haguera posat més cap arrere davant dels arbustos s'haguera vist més, jejeje, pero ni m'havia adonat d'aço, lo important es el contrast blanc i negre... per alguna rao em recorda a Lost


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