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Some months ago, walking through Raval... we just stopped to take some empanadas away.


About tacos

La Taqueria , one of the best mexicans restaurants in Barcelona.  If you come to Barcelona this visit is a must!  I went there with a mexican friend and she agree: that's real street mexican food !

By the way, if you 'd like to cook at your own, in the same street there is the shop (from the same owners) with all you need for preparing a mexican meal .


Sant Joan

La nit magica? 


Bolsas de tela de algodón super bonitas!

Hola amigas,

Os explico mi proyecto...ahora en español!  el proyecto se llama Tote Tribe...y ha sido inaugurado hace menos de 12horas, así que aún tengo los nervios a flor de piel ! 

Alguna vez os he comentado que me encantan las bolsas de tela?? Si bolsas de tela de algodón, de esas sencillitas! Pues si, me encantan. Pero nunca podía encontrar bolsas con diseños bonitos , que fueran de algodón organico y de comercio justo, y además que tuvieran su pequeña historia con un artista detrás... pues es sobre eso: 

Un sitio donde encontrar bolsas de tela de algodón con diseños  e ilustraciones con encanto de diferentes artistas. Por supuesto, de cada bolsa diferente puedes saber qué artista está detrás. El algodón también es orgánico y de Comercio Justo, y la bolsa tiene la dimensión perfecta para que sea útil para cargar con la compra pero también para ir a la playa o para llevar la llave, monedero y móvil ahora que se acerca el veranito. 

Hemos lanzado la pagina está mañana, así que estaré contentísima de escuchar vuestra opinión ! Cuéntame, ¿cuál es vuestra preferida? There're 8 different designs !

Como ya he dicho antes, toda ayuda es buena en estos momentos, así que si me queréis ayudar a compartir este proyecto a gente que este interesada, yo estaré contentísima!! 

Aquí tenéis los canales: 

Mil gracias!

Cool tote bags!

Hey friends!!

So today I'm gonna explain better the project: the project it's called Tote Tribe... and the opening was less than 12hours ago ! So still excited !!

(this is me, wearing some of the designs!)

Have I told you anytime that I love tote bags?? Yes ! Canvas cotton tote bags !!  So I love them. But I never could find cool tote bags with super designs and organic and Fair Trade cotton, with an history and an artist behind of the design.... so this is about it:

So this is about a place where you can find tote bags with really nice designs from differents artist . Of course you'll know who is behind of the design! The cotton, also, is organic and Fair Trade, and the tote bag has the right dimension to be enough useful for the shopping but also for the beach or for going out at summer.

We launched the website only this morning, so I'm still very happy to heard your feedback from you. ¿Which is your favourite? There're 8 different designs !

By the way, if you want to help me, every help is more than welcomed at this point, here you have the different social chanels we're using: 

Thanks a lot !! 


Il mandarosso

Thanks to CS I met those cute couple which whom I've the opportunity to discover some new places in Barcelona.  Like this really cool italian restaurant in Barcelona, called Le cucine Mandarosso. Not a typical one: they only prepare pasta and really good cakes. Quite close to Palau de la Música, always crowed  (you should make a reservation if you want to eat there). 

Raja and Ingrid, I'm very pleased to have met you. I really spent good moments with you ;)


A new project

Some of my last days working in Camaloon/itnig. I really learnt a lot there. Provably is thanks to this experience I had that I feel enough strong to start with my own project , The Tote Tribe.

Do you want to know more about it?

*Pictures were taken by Masumi Mutsuda.


The tote tribe

Hey friends!

I haven't written too much lately, but if with a good excuse! 
I'm starting a new project, that it is not ready yet, but It is nearly !! (So happy!)

Is about The Tote Tribe: 

The Tote Tribe is a fun brand of tote bags featuring the art of renowned illustrators, artists, and designers. It's about cotton tote bags with cool designs from  select artists and brands around the globe to bring you tote bags we believe in.  

The bags are hight quality, with 100% natural organic and fair trade coton. 

Please, you should join us  on Facebook !


Mercat de Santa Caterina

Every day appears new cool coffees places and bar in Barcelona.  Like the Tasca that it is inside the Santa Caterina Market (the one with the colorful roof designed by the architect Enric Miralles). I have never eaten in the restaurant but the space and the light is awesome in this restaurant. 


Filmoteca de Catalunya

One year ago(more or less) the new Filmoteca of Catalunya was inaugurated.  This pictures are from a quick visit, and also some of the last days of Dani in Barcelona. Now he is in Mexico having some adventures and working as an architect.

All the pictures were taken with my cam Canon A-1. 

Loving photography

Anyone wants to join me for a route?
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